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Snowflakes & Cracked Eggshells

March 31, 2018

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I Started a Redbubble Account

July 22, 2018

Hello! I've always enjoyed graphic design, and having a place to put my work helps motivate me, so I made a Redbubble account this month. It's been fun, and surprisingly easy and free, to post artwork.


From what I've heard, Redbubble has a pretty complex reputation - some people love it, because it's basically a goldmine of fairly good quality products that display any and every design you could possibly want on them. But a lot of people don't support the platform, because despite the little box you have to check whenever you upload artwork ("I have the right to sell products containing this artwork, including (1) any featured company’s name or logo, (2) any featured person’s name or face, and (3) any featured words or images created by someone else"), a big portion of what's uploaded is fan art.


A lot of it is really spectacular fan art, some of which I may or may not have bought at one point or another. However, it's not fair to the original creators, particularly to individuals who may be selling their own merchandise as a way to make money.


Anyway, I have mixed feelings about Redbubble or at least about the ethics of the way it's often used, but overall I think it's a creative, convenient, and good-intentioned platform, and I've been having fun with it, so I thought I'd share the links to a few of the collections I've started and talk about them a bit.


Bird Sitting in a Nest

While in Granby, I made a video of the wildlife we witnessed. One of these animals was a bird, maybe a mother, who had made a little nest on the patio of the house we were staying at. This design was inspired by that bird, and naturally, I couldn't help but make a whole series of them with different colors.


LGBTQ+ Identity Sticker Sets

I tried to include as many identities as I could find flags for, but I'm hoping to continue adding to it as I learn about more.



A collection of lyrics from my original songs. I haven't added much yet, but I'm excited about it because I have quite a bit of content I can draw from (that I also have the rights too), and it'll be an easy way to practice working with words.


Tess Embers

A collection of quotes and designs based on the first novel I self-published. It's been fun to revisit the story, since it's been probably five years since I actually read it. Also, ditto what I said above for Lyrics.


Okay bye!



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